About my Book Art Experience

and how I came into the Book Arts

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At the Botanical Gardens in Montreal Sue and I viewed a bonsai collection. Miniature landscapes of old twisted trees, moss and ancient rocks. There were tiny porcelain figurines within these little worlds.

It was easy for me to place myself within them. To be among the gnarly trunks growing out of rocks and moist moss dripping emerald green droplets.

Several days later with my wife Sue, I am on a hike into Indian Pass from the South. I see old twisted trees, moss and ancient rocks and I realize that I am now the porcelain figurine within this world.

Both worlds hold many secrets that I will never know but I see the correlation between the two. I see the similarities with the only difference being the size that my mind perceives.

I realize that my fascination with it has more to do with me.  I am walking mindfully in the moment with each step, and the thought comes to me that I should create a book about this place.  A book with original etchings, poetry and prose.

A book where, perhaps, in the experience of creating it I will observe new and exciting chapters about myself. I will feel the rush of new creativity and ideas.

But first I needed to know more about books and how to make them.  That is how you come to be here reading this, and how I came into the book arts.

Handbound Book, Etchings & Insights by Terrance D. Young, Young's Gallery, Jay NYThe Book – “Insights and Etchings”   How I came to the Book Arts

A hand bound book containing seven etchings and seven works of poetry and prose.

The cover is decorated by Terrance along with a collage of Japanese papers.

ei_lookat_3The paper used throughout is Reeves BFK white, there is Japanese tissue paper
protecting each etching and the laser printed words are on Ivory parchment paper
24lb and attached to the Reeves.

I’ve drawn a map of elevation and length for Avalanche Lake and Indian Pass and they fold out of the book and on each is a quick sketch in ink.

This is a limited edition and I will only make 17 of these books.
They are signed and dated.

They are all bound in a traditional Japanese stab binding with the body of the book bound separately and then bound again to the covers.

For a look inside my book, “Etchings and Insights” take this link.