Book of Intent I

Pitfired Object – 11½” H x 5″ Base
6 Pointed Star Book



This is a pit fired object that contains a six pointed star book.  The star book contains excerpts from the journal I kept at the the time I did Shamanic Journey work.

There are six passages in the book







I – Our intent is to let these spirits know that we welcome them to our group and any advice that they might give us.  I’ve always felt spirits alive in there for some reason, and I’m always talking to the gallery as if it were alive…….so that night we created a sacred circle and made this our intent together.

II – Then I got the strong image of two knights coming towards me.  They had large plumed hats on, they said, “The large green is coming, the large green Turtle is coming!”  Wow, I thought, I really want to meet this turtle so I went over to the side and sat down to wait for it.

III – Next I remember drinking water with a buffalo, we were by a stream and there were rolling plains around us.   The buffalo asked if I would like to see something and told me to hop on.  So I am on the buffalo and it is showing me how the world is made of vibrations.  I am thinking how sensuous it is riding on this buffalo when the buffalo says to stop thinking of sensuous, to only think of vibrations.

IV – I come out into a vast area, up ahead was a slit in the sky and energy was coming out.  As I got closer I noticed that the slit was sewn together.  I got closer and saw that this slit was actually the sewn flap of a tee-pee.  I kept floating closer and closer, until, I went right in and was up high.  I looked down and saw a circle of people around a fire, they were holding hand and swirling around the fire.

V – I got off the buffalo and there was a thatched hut in front of me, the buffalo nudged me in.  I realized I had traveled far into myself.  I felt an ancestor here.  There was a pregnant woman off to the right,  I was confused, the woman was highly visible but all I felt from my ancestor was a feeling, so I asked if the woman had anything to tell me.  That’s when my ancestor talked to me and said, it isn’t the woman who’s here, it’s the child.

VI – My ancestor had lots of gourds laying around, some were being cleaned and others had things in them.  I asked about them and he said our family always used and traded carrying vessels.  It was he who influenced me to buy my sitar when I was 16.  We have coopers in our family, barrel makers from England and he was pleased that I married a potter and that I now play drums.